The Beginning

We all have to start somewhere! As i wrote in my About page I really wanted to get back into film cameras to cut down the amount of pictures I take and hopefully, end up with better photos and more memorable photos.

At first i started off with my Dads old mid 80s Nikon FG-20. A great first camera with a built in light meter. When my Dad handed the camera over, in the bag was a 2001 expired Lloyds Pharmacy film. At the time unsure if this would even work a quick internet search revealed this actually quite a “cool” thing to do… i have to say they are some of my favourite shots so far. A few examples bellow…

Since then I have tried to cut costs down by using some Poundland film (yes £1 a roll!!!) which i found ok but, but what you would expect from something that cost £1. Recently I have gone back to Kodak colour film and looking to experiment with either Kodak Portra or Ektar for my next USA trip.

Heres are a couple of Poundland’s Agf 200 film.

So there we have it. I’ll be posting new photos and photos from my archive in the future, feel free to comment or contact me.



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