January & February

I know i haven’t been keeping up to date here. Sorry for people following!

It been a busy month musically with California, awards show in London and a small tour last week. I have about 3-4 rolls of 35mm film and 1 120 roll of film. Just need to find someone who may do a bulk deal (if anyone does!) on developing and printing all these.

I did take a lot of pictures in California so fingers crossed i’ll have some great photos to show soon. Also very excited about the medium format roll too!

In other news i bought a Pentax ME with a 28mm lens for £10. I really thought this was a great deal on a Pentax but, after some research it seems like its a point and shoot basically as you can’t manually adjust the shutter speed!! I did think it was unusual at the time but… maybe i’ll give it my girlfriend for a bit as she was interested in a Camera to walk around with.

Heres a few older photos for now:

The two i really like are the two street photos. These were taken with my Fed3 (so far my favorite but worst Camera). The one of Billy Bragg i took with the Nikon through a curtain backstage. On that tour i was really trying to get to grips with taking photos in low light and ignoring the light meter.

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