California and Learning what works!

I finely got around to developing my films from California! While i was at it, i also had a roll from trips/gigs around the U.K. a roll from Berlin and a 120 medium format film.


I’ve only just got them back and my opinions are a bit mixed. Maybe i need a day or so to take them all in. I know it can be like that from a music point of view. Many a time i’ve recorded a part for someone and felt un happy with it then loved it days or weeks later. Although after uploading photos to the blog… i feel a lot better about them.

so what have i learned?

Well… Yet again, The Nikon was the best and i think i’ll shoot more on this and forget the other Cameras. The Minolta with the 28mm lens i bought for £10 was ok but, It wasn’t easy to focus the lens and some photos have suffered for it. (My thought was i might try and get a 28mm for the nikon when i have some spare cash, at some point.)

With all the 35mm pictures i’ve shot recently, i think they have a much more grainy quality than the first film i used. Its probably because i’m still trying to use 200iso and its not really the right conditions for it. I stuck with 200iso as i thought the grain would get even worse but, the shop that developed them suggested i use 400iso, especially in the medium format (which really didn’t come out at all.) He had some rolls of Portra 120 400iso and Portra 35mm and Ektar. Maybe its time!?

The 120 film was in a Lubitel 2 which i bought as a cheap why to try out Medium format. Not the best Camera i know and as its the first time i tried it, its probably not fair to give up on this just yet. Everything deserves a second chance right?? Again i was using a 166iso film which at the time made sense in September when we had a few sunny days. The shop suggested going for a newer 400iso film. I do have two 400iso fuji films but, i’m not sure what to do as the developer seemed to think it was the age of the Kodak 166iso that played a lot in it. Any comments welcome! Here are two pictures from this Camera.


So basically… i think i’ll scale back the photos i take and explore better quality film. Like musical instruments i think i’ve got distracted by cheap, old cameras.

And the last thing i learned from this…? Load your film properly!! My friend Pete Dunwell (Billy Bragg’s photographer) told me this. Hence there are no photos from Berlin! We live and learn and its a good excuse to go back.

Anyway good photos!


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