So recently i tried a roll of Kodak 400iso in my Nikon. I’ve only ever tried 200iso before. I cant say i was overwhelmed but, i got the kind of results i thought i would (grainier pictures) Here are a few examples, they do have a certain charm to them. I’ve gone back to 200 again and still working on a 400 in the Lubitel 2.

I’m interested to see how the Lubitel film will turn out. I tried to do a double exposure of a car in a scrapyard. I thought it might be interesting to take one shot of an old VW Golf and then double expose a newspaper headline over it that i found in one of the cars… I’m not sure if this went well, it was kind of tricky to do. Also! I might have messed up winding on, on a few other frames… so either i double exposed once or, possibly there on for the rest of the roll!! time will tell.!!


A couple of Modifications.

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