My name is Chris, I’m a professional musician and avid photographer. I stated this page to display my work and keep a record of my photos, hopefully showing progression.

I’ve always loved photography and taking photos. The main camera I have been using (Nikon FG-20) is my fathers that he used to use all my childhood until around 2001 when he went to digital.

I wanted to get back into film photography to cut down on the amount of pictures i take on tours, the first USA tour i printed off 125 photos and don’t really look at any of them. The idea was that my Phone takes pretty much as good photos as my 8 year old Lumix digital camera and i could always back up a shot of something on that, as i always have it on me.

Here is a collection of my film shots from various film Cameras.

If you want to contact me to use any shots or discuss my work i can be reached on CJHillman87@gmail.com

Also check out my other website http://www.CJHillman.com to check out my music.

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